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Canon: Oshioki da yo, Shiba-kun
Name: Shougo Kishitani (Western order)
Age: 17
Occupation: High school senior/Part-time hairdresser
Appearance: 5'11, decently fit, broad shoulders, dark wavy hair, warm brown eyes, bright smile.

Personality: Shougo is an expressive young man who is weirdly obsessed with touching people's hair. Because his own hair's texture is naturally curly and coarse, he has a particular weakness for silky straight hair. He's pretty well-known around school for constantly indulging in his "sickness", and being very overbearing persistent about it. Despite his eccentric behavior, he's still fairly popular in school due to his appearance and reputation for being a talented stylist. Once in a while he will become particularly fixated on a single person's hair, but so far he has remained steadfastly single.

Sexuality: ...Hairsexual? 


Backtagging: Please?
Threadhopping: In cracky threads maybe.
Fourthwalling: Yup. 
Hugging/Kissing/Flirting with this character: Sure; though his reaction to being on the receiving end of this will vary between confused awkwardness and happy reciprocation depending on the quality of your hair and his closeness with your character. Shougo himself is a pretty touchy-feely guy and may initiate some physical affection on a whim, though.
Fighting with this character: He's a fairly tall and athletic guy so he's decent at fighting when he really needs to, but it's certainly not something he'd want to do. 
Injuring this character: I'm fine with slapstick/"casual violence" as well as more serious themes, as long as there's no heavy gore or permanent damage. If he deserves it- (and yeah sometimes he probably does) Shougo will likely just accept a little beating. He can take it.
Killing this character: Probably not.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go right ahead.

Smut/Shipping: I have a slight m/m preference, though I'm generally OTA. He's mostly dominate, though willing to switch. Full kink-list coming soon.


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